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Economic & Community Resilience

NAICS: 541611, 541990, 611430

As in any community, a solid network of partnerships is needed to address the specific needs of its community members. Further exacerbating the preparedness dilemma, most Tribal nations are in remote, rural communities with few response resources readily available. This increases the chances for delayed response in a major event, leaving families to care for themselves for extended periods without assistance. As many Native communities struggle to maintain a meager existence, the resilience gap continues to widen. To address resilience gaps, a public-private sector collaborative approach was used to develop 7th Legacy, LLC’s “Economic & Community Resilience Group” for community outreach by Tribal stakeholders partnered with non-Native commercial entities.


  • Find ways and means to raise capital for infrastructure investments
  • Facilitate better cooperation and coordination among governments, military and security bodies, other agencies, and the private sector to reduce risk
  • Increase indigenous participation and benefits
  • Build sustainable communities