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Concepts Group

NAICS: 541611, 541618, 541820, 611430

The Concepts Group’s consultation services take on many forms. We often consult on a project basis for proposed actions that may affect cultural resources of interest to Tribes. If private sector activities have the potential to affect Tribal properties or resources, all interested Tribes will be consulted early in the planning process and their concerns will be addressed to the greatest extent possible. Respect for the sovereign status of each Native American Tribal government is key to our consultation services. We liaison directly with federally recognized Tribes on a government to government basis, recognizing the sovereignty of each Tribe.

Building and maintaining positive and productive relationships with the Tribes is the cornerstone of effective consultation.

It is the goal of the consultation process to identify both the resource management concerns and the strategies for addressing them through an interactive dialogue with appropriate American Indian communities.



  • Indigenous Awareness Training
  • Management Consultancy
  • Professional Consultancy
  • Tribal Consultancy
  • Identifying appropriate Tribal governing bodies and individuals from whom to seek input
  • Talking with appropriate Tribal officials and/or individuals and asking for their views regarding land use proposals or other pending actions that might affect traditional Tribal activities, practices, or beliefs relating to particular locations on public lands
  • Treating Tribal information as a necessary factor in defining the range of acceptable public-land management options
  • Creating and maintaining a permanent record to show how Tribal information was obtained and used in the decision-making process

The diversity among our projects shows promise for Native-owned businesses to achieve entrepreneurial growth and global competitiveness. Our Concept Group’s projects encompass a range of strategies to address identified needs in Native American Communities, including but not limited to access to capital, incubator/accelerators, federal program coaching, and public-private partnerships.

Collectively, the objective is to ensure Tribal entrepreneurs and Tribal businesses are better connected to business opportunities and trained in entrepreneurship, leading to a stronger foundation for economic growth.