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7th Legacy, LLC is a Michigan based Native American firm established in 2018 with a vision of providing comprehensive consulting, business development, community and economic development services to Native American & Minority-owned businesses, tribal enterprises, tribal organizations, local, state, and federal government agencies and private sector firms.

Sovereignty Matters

Water, Air & Land in Relation to Treaty Rights

7th Legacy, LLC’s subsidiaries are Native American-owned entities that were founded out of a need for meaningful consultation relating to the interaction between tribal governments and the private sector with regard to Environmental, Consulting Concepts, Economic & Community Resilience, Security and Native Preference Group subcontracting.

Charge Forward

Starts With a Voice at the Table

Engaging Tribes with regards to issues that have the potential to impact Treaty-protected resources generally requires consultation by Federal and/or State Governments. More often than not the potential impact is due to the permitting of projects from the private sector and the Federal or State Government is the deciding agency. Very little if any conversation takes place between the affected Tribal Government/s and the private sector, likely due to the lack of understanding within the private sector.

It is for this reason projects stall or are subjected to intense scrutiny and the re-writing of permits and in some cases denial of permit and/or legal challenges within a court of law.

Our business model is very simple; provide our customers with access to high quality consulting and advisory services.  Our strategy is to assemble a team of agile, experienced & professional technical experts to get the job done.   Our value driven services are designed to empower your project or business with the tools needed to succeed.

It is our belief that private sector projects could move forward much more efficiently if a process to engage and have meaningful conversations with potentially affected Tribes were to take place.

7th Legacy, LLC and our subsidiaries are experts in providing insight and collaboration between the tribal entities and the private sector.

We are able and willing to consult in the Continental U.S or Lower 48 States of the USA.

Interested in working with us? Talk to us today about how we can support your growth, teach you how to diversify and put you on a solid track to success and profit.   

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