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An Overview

About 7th Legacy, LLC

7th Legacy, LLC  excels with a “One Stop Shop” collaboration of professional consultants, architects, engineers, researchers, planners, construction firms, and other specialty firms.   In addition, 7th Legacy, LLC and its subsidiaries possess access to local, regional, and national government, non-profit, and private financial institutions, and other diverse business resources.

7th Legacy, LLC

Subsidiaries Include:

Environmental, Concepts, Economic & Community Resilience, Security, Native Preference Group, and 7th Legacy MIIJIM, d/b/a Bay Burrito Company

Tribes play a major role with regards to natural resource and environmental management within the Great Lakes Region and many of them have Treaty-reserved rights as adjudicated by Federal Court rulings entitling them to shared management of both Inland and Great Lakes resources and affording them a legal property right in said resources.

NAICS CODES: 561311, 561312, 561320,611430, 541620, 541611, 541618, 541690, 541820, 541990, 561612, 923130, 722513

Frozen Lake Michigan
Boats on Lake Michigan
Hen on Lake Michigan
Geese in front of rainbow